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No matter how you ended up on our site, we're glad you're here and appreciate the opportunity to let you know a little bit more about us.

Zion Congregational Church is a group of imperfect people trying to live and love the message of Christ.  The grace and love of Jesus is at the center of everything we do.  You'll probably hear our mission statement thrown around a lot here: "Growing and Going in Jesus' Name".  We believe that God has called our church to "grow" all believers into disciples of Jesus, but also that the growth and maturation in faith experienced here is for a purpose--to "go" out into the world, all in the mighty name of Jesus.

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We'd invite you to take a moment to read through our beliefs and practices here at Zion.  Zion is a member of the Iowa Fellowship of the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference.  We believe that Christ alone is the head of the church, and that local people make the best decisions for participating with God's local ministry in the Treynor community.  In addition to worship and study times, our church seeks to be active members in the Treynor community, communicating God's love to others at work, home, and play through acts of grace and service.

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